Boom Movie

This is a rough cut of a screenplay written and directed by Mike Lawson. He and I met through Vimeo and got together and shot this in May 2012 just North of Cincinnati near and around Franklin, Ohio.

Storyline - "With help from his friend Sam, family and others, Hank struggles to reset his life, reaching for a break that has always eluded him."

This full length film is scheduled to be shot later in 2012. I am not sure I can make the entire shoot but it has been great working with Mike Lawson and Mike Toffan who did the audio. Also thanks to Chris Swainhart for the tireless reviews and feedback. Thanks to Mr. Frosty for the great opening location and let's not forget Hank and Sam :-)

I shot this on my Canon C300 in CineLock using several… (read more) 

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