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Review of Fstop Academy's new Canon EOS 5D Mark III training tutorials - by Randy Noland

The DSLR revolution for shooting videos is going on 4 years now. What a ride! But it hasn't been without challenges. While Canon has successfully addressed many of these (well documented) issues with the release of the new EOS 5D Mark III, challenges still remain. The EOS 5D Mark III  is all new, built from the ground up with new menus, new buttons and new technologies that deliver amazing new features.  You will want to  invest in some training time to quickly get familiar with your new production tool.

Training Is Critical Gear

In the pursuit of the perfect image, we spend thousands of dollars on gear. Often training is overlooked or considered too expensive. This is a mistake. I have always budgeted for training and often at less than the price of a memory card, I’ve never regretted it. 

Den Review Image 2

After upgrading my Canon 5D Mark II to the new EOS 5D Mark III (thank you Mike Sutton @MNS1974 of Rule Boston for getting it to me overnight), I scoured the web looking for training videos. Since the camera is new, there are few options. In the past, I have purchased tutorials from the F-Stop Academy but there were no EOS 5D Mark III training products listed in their store. I emailed Den Lennie, Cinematographer and cofounder of F-Stop Academy and asked if he was aware of any training references. Den replied that he was about to wrap production on a new EOS 5D Mark III tutorial. I was in luck. So I put away that god-awful manual and loaded the the tutorial.

Simple and Easy to Understand

The tutorial is arranged into 14 chapter lessons and is about 75 minutes long. (This may change in final production as my copy was still in beta.) The lessons progress in a logical manner and the overviews are easy to understand.  They are deliberately simple with the beginner in mind but there is enough “meat” content to satisfy and inform any professional.

Den draws on his 20+ years of experience and credentials in order to simplify the video shooting process. He discusses the challenges of DSLR filmmaking and how to overcome or harmonize with those challenges. This tutorial allowed me to leave my manual on the shelf (did I mention I hate manuals?) focusing on the features I need to quickly get out and start shooting.

If there is anything I would consider missing from the tutorial, it would be time lapse using the new internal HDR and Multiple Exposure features. While this is not officially “video,” time lapsing has become part of many video productions. I am sure Den could lend us a better understanding of this new feature as well as his thoughts on using for practical applications. Perhaps an addendum or blog is in our future?

Who will benefit from this training?

  • Photographers wanting to migrate to shooting HD videos
  • Cinematographers looking to use this premiere video DSLR
  • Anyone looking to purchase the Canon EOS 5D Mark III. Den's training offers a great "test drive"
  • New EOS 5D Mark III new owner? This tutorial will save you loads of time getting up to speed
  • Any beginner interested in becoming a part of the DSLR video revolution

Highlights from the tutorial

  • Tour the Canon EOS 5D Mark III
    • Button layout
    • Overview of the camera controls
    • Menus in video mode
    • Nice overview explaining the information displays
  • Learn to control depth of field achieving lovely shallow DOF
  • Learn how to properly expose when shooting video
    • Setting ISO - one of the key benefits of the EOS 5D Mark III
    • Setting Shutter Speed for shooting video - special considerations that differ from photography
    • Using ND filters
  • Setting up and saving video settings
  • Understanding Picture Styles and what to expect in post production
  • New audio features in the EOS 5D Mark III
    • Learn how to monitor audio
    • Lean how to adjust the audio levels in camera
    • Setting up the new “Touch Pad” for silent audio adjustments

Sample video production shot with the Canon 5D Mark III

The tutorial also includes sample footage used throughout the lesson to assist in clarifying Den’s principles. There is also a short production at the end illustrating the video quality that can be achieved by applying Den’s techniques.

For good measure, I shot a few stills with the EOS 5D Mark III out of the box. (pictured below). I am eager to apply the techniques I’ve learned from the tutorial to shooting HD videos.

Backyard Memorial Day Frost 5DMIII
Betsy 5DMIII Day One  12140
5DMIII Test Day 2  11659
HDR Kentucky backyard 4.jpg.jpg


The Canon EOS 5D Mark III is an amazing camera. Pros are well aware of its predecessor’s (the 5D Mark II) value for photography and surely will rapidly adopt this camera as well. The 5D Mark III's ability to shoot video is incredible but requires a different thought process to achieve best results. This tutorial has great benefit before and after you buy. 

I’ve trusted Fstop Academy since 2009 to provide simple yet comprehensive lessons for my filmmaking needs and once again (they) Den delivers. I highly recommend Canon 5D Mark III Video Training. But don't just take my word for it. Fstop offers a 60 day money back guarantee on all of their titles.

Click here to read more http://www.fstopacademy.com/canon-5d-mark-iii-video-training/

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