FS7 Portabrace EXTOR Case

New case just arrived today from Portabrace. The EXTOR roller bag was announced at NAB. Very nice bag indeed but I hoped I could carry-on flights but not possible.

I have a Pelican BA22” Elite Luggage at MyCustomCase now for custom molded for Sony FS7 + Kit Lens w/Vocas base plate, Vocas EVF arm, SHAPE grip arm, headphones, single charger, Sanken short shotgun mic a few other items. I am hoping this will be my carry-on and gate check bag. (I have already had United gate check complete total a 3 month old Sony documentary lens. Hooray insurance!) So I am hell bent on a better solution.

I can pack this Portabrace with other items, check at airport then bag swap when I arrive at my destination so I can be ready to shoot with assembled camera. I am sure there are better ways but this looks very promising to me.

Enjoy the soft focus iPhone video :)

I hope you find informative

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