Canon C300 Service


I preordered my Canon C300 from Mike Sutton of Rule Boston on January 3rd 2012. I received on February 14th while I was in Belgium on business. What a nice Valentines day present. (not least, but also received news my wife was pregnant with our third daughter, Evee Louise, who I'm feeding as I write this blog :)

I have been very pleased with the C300. The camera has never failed me and I've been in some pretty rugged, dirty environments (coal mines, landfills and construction sites). I fly to 95% of my shoots so the form factor, weight, size and native EF L lens support (without an adapter) is key. 

Previously, I owned a Panasonic AF100, a nice camera but the added monitor, SSD recording device for higher bits and elusive EF adaptors (I still shiver when I hear the word "Birger" ) were key reasons I upgraded to the C300.

Belgium Shoot

There were early reports of purple and green fringing that started to appear in March  2012. See a detailed report from my buddy Paul Antico of NeedCreative by clicking here.  While I have experienced some fringing I have avoided the bright, high/over exposed shots. My applications afford me this luxury. If there is a bit of fringing, most of my audience won't notice or care. I may aspire to enter Sundance someday but for now its application videos that help educate and advance our industries positioning technology.

I read on twitter that Canon has addressed the issue via a firmware update. Read more at nofilmschool here

Since I am approaching the end of my one year warranty and in my seasonal downtime for my travel, I called Canon EOS Support at (855) 246-3367. Polar to some comments in the twitter-sphere, I found Canon EOS Support to be very courteous and informed of the issues. They provided me with the shipping information and I shipped my C300 via UPS 2nd Day/Signature Required on Dec 26th 2013. I received a call from the Canon technician in NJ at 11:15am on Friday, December 28th. (10 minutes after UPS reported delivery/signature of my package). She said she would upgrade, adjust and clean my C300 at no charge. To my surprise, she said my C300 should ship same day on the 28th via UPS 2nd Day, also at no charge and that I should receive next week.

I haven't received a shipping notice yet but I am impressed with Canon's response; great communication and professionalism so far. I will tweet an update when I receive my camera and note its condition.

I hope this helps anyone looking to resolve any fringing issues or help with anyone simply cautious about letting go of their baby for a few days. I think your C300 will be in good hands.

Smokey Mountains Shoot

Note: I do have an ALL RISK insurance policy on all my gear. I called my insurance company, Farmers, to confirm the policy covered the camera during shipping and while the camera was out of my possession; I did not elect to use any UPS insurance which only covers the shipping portion anyway. I would suggest checking with your insurance company to confirm coverage. If the camera is not covered, ask about purchasing an insurance rider if even temporary.

January 2, 2013


True to their word I received my C300 back from Canon service today, exactly one week afterI shipped… and that is with a New Year's holiday.

My Canon C300 arrived FedEx no signatures required. (I make this point because you may need to ask for this if you dont want the package left at your door). My camera was returned in exactly the same, original box I shipped in with all components included.

This "Update and Clean to Factory Specifications" was performed at no charge. There were 4 parts listed.

  1. Tape, Dust Proof Plate
  2. Plate, Dust Proof
  3. Cushion, LPF
  4. Cover Ass'y, Mount

I would suppose a seal was broken to make the adjustment and simply resealed with these parts. Or perhaps an upgrade to the dust protection.

I am pleased to have the camera back and again, kudos to Canon Factory Service for the impressive turn around.

Now, to finish my paperwork on another project so I can get out and test the fringing issue.

…..stay tuned.

January 3, 2013

I have been slammed with meetings this week but grabbed the C300 and shot the very, very extreme test below just to see if I could force some fringing. Primarily, the fringing occured when overexposed with horizontal lines in focus.

From what I see below in this short test, I feel the issue is completely resolved. I hope you have the same experience with Canon and would be eager to hear if others have any issues upgrading.

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